Lab Members

Steven Goldman, MD

  • Professor, Department of Medicine
  • Professor, Sarver Heart Center
C Leonard Pfeiffer Endowed Chair in Cardiovascular Medicine


Dr. Steven Goldman is a professor of medicine in the Division of Cardiology at the University of Arizona College of Medicine –Tucson. An endowed chair the Sarver Heart Center and previous Chief of Cardiology at the Tucson VA/Southern Arizona Veterans Affairs Health System. Dr. Goldman has taught thousands of medical students, graduate students, interns, residents, and fellows. His research interests span the range of new therapies for heart failure to engineered cardiac tissues and electrophysiology.


* In 2014, Drs. Goldman and Jordan Lancaster co-founded Avery Theraputics, a bio-technology spin-off company from the University of Arizona. This company is designed to commercialize new treatments for heart failure. Dr. Lancaster is CEO, Dr. Goldman is CMO, and Dr. Jen Koevary is COO/CFO.

Arun Kathuria

Undergraduate Student Researcher

Elijah Lefkowitz

Undergraduate Student Researcher

Mathew Murray, BS

Medical Student Researcher

Jacob Ref, BS

MedCat Early Assurance Medical Student Researcher

Andres Sanchez, BS

Medical Student Researcher

Janan Zeng

Undergraduate Student Researcher